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About Us

Punctuality is the politeness of kings!
We’re a super enthusiastic young team experienced in all the digital channels. We don’t just show you our potential but also the prospects of advertising platforms and why you should choose to be a part of this digitized world!

As the world is progressing, taking technological steps towards development, traditional marketing has already moved swiftly and taken the digital path. We are a digital marketing agency focused to link everything to this digitally enabled era. Get ready for a digital ride ahead!

Since our team of professionals in this digital arena are experienced in what they do, they will guide you through this digital trip on a personal level. A journey explained well on how to reach potential clients, providing you with a logical approach to any problems, connecting to your target audience and getting the right sales for your product or service!

Our Services



Market research gives a big impact on marketing strategies. It helps to plan & understand your customers’ preferences and behaviour. Moreover, it helps us in planning your clientele, what your client will be looking for and how many customers like your product or service and why. We do it on an ongoing basis for continuous improvement and greater success to take your business to a new level of achievements.



Planning is a very essential part for any marketing strategy. This is what makes you stand out from other peers in the marketplace. It is a proven fact that companies with marketing plan tends to grow 55%-60% faster than the one’s without any plan. We as a marketing agency understand your primary goal and then plan strategies for you accordingly to provide the best result in the industry.



Here we optimize and analyse the campaigns we have created for you! Are they worth working or not? We get few answers on how we can generate more results for you to reach your goal. It helps us to optimize the marketing strategies, we made for you in a much better way. We do it continuously, it is like “research, plan, optimize and repeat”



This is the final goal we all are working for. Need not worry it’s been taken care throughout the process “let’s kill it”

We turn your dreams into digital reality.
Here's how we are planning to accomplish our business goal
Our Vision

To reach a clientele of 5000 clients in next 5 years

Our Mission

Become one of the best digital marketing agencies and work in all sectors of the industry

Our Driving Principle's


Think big, think out of the box

If you think big, you can achieve bigger. A leader knows he can think out of the box and direct his followers to go that extra mile from the ordinary. At the end, this is what makes us extraordinary.

Hire and develop the best

Leaders know that higher the employee performance, higher is the outcome. They search for qualitative abilities and improve employee morale to achieve high-end results.

I can, I will

Nothing is impossible. Leaders believe in going beyond the possibilities to achieve unimaginable outcomes. Seize the opportunity, learn from your mistakes and never give up.

Never stop learning

No matter how successful you become in your life, one can never stop learning. Every person has something to offer to you and one should remain a ‘student’ forever, always curious, always learning.

Know your customer, customer is the king

In the business world, be it any profession, customer is the king. The first step to a successful business is to know your customer, earn their trust and strive to gratify them in all ways.


Deliver highest standard

Leaders believe in delivering results in the highest standard possible. They raise the bar and coach their employees to hustle every moment and bring out their best versions.

Innovate. Implement. Simplify

Leaders push their employees to come up with innovative ideas which can be implemented and simplified by them. Never be afraid of trying something new. You may never know when you can start off a trend!

Go beyond limits, dive deep

If you are learning about a topic, it should be a well-informed research. Get to the heart of the topic, dive deeper, learn about the pros, cons, history, present and everything!

Iam the owner of my work

A leader understands ownership. They think beyond their duties and their hustle never comes to an end. For them, everything and anything is a part of their job.


To run a successful business, leaders know it’s important to earn the trust of their employees and customers. They listen, understand and trust their instincts.

Always remember, speed is everything

If opportunity knocks at your door, you must open it as fast as possible. Life might not give us too many chances, you should be swift enough to grab and go.

Loyalty towards delivering results

At the end it all comes down to deliver quality results in accordance with time. Despite all the ups and downs, the show must go on and the results must never be compromised.

People Behind Nlog Digital
We believe in business growth
Ashok Kumar Garg
Ritesh Kumar Mittal
Operations Head
Tanisha Sanghi
Behind the face of Nlog